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Steps to choose a registered migration agent

You need to be sure you choose the right person to be your registered migration agent for your own situation.

Each registered migration agent has different skills and you will need to find one that suits your needs. You might want help in your language, or with a visa to work or study. You might want help from an Australian registered migration agent who lives and works in your country. You might even need someone to help you for free.

Follow our steps to choose the right registered migration agent for you.


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Types of registered agents

There is only one type of agent who can lawfully provide migration advice in Australia - an OMARA registered migration agent.

Learn about different types of registered agents

Benefits of using a registered agent

A registered migration agent must meet professional standards to remain on our register. They must act ethically.

See what a registered migration agent can do

Consumer guide

Our Consumer guide tells you what a registered migration agent does.

Read our Consumer guide in your language