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Steps to choose a registered migration agent

​​​​​​​​​​Guides and resources

Consumer guide ​​

Our Consumer guide tells you what a registered migration agent does. It also outlines the rules they must follow when they are helping you.​​​

​About th​​e guide

Our guide tells you the standards and rules a registered migration agent must follow. This includes:

  • how they give you immigration assistance
  • the services they provide
  • the fees they charge

The guide also tells you how you can complain if you are not happy with a registered migration agent.

Details of these rules and more, are in the ​Consumer Guide .​

T​he Consumer g​uide in your language

Translations of the Consumer guide will be available on this page shortly.​​

​Factsheet – Giving immigration assistance in Australia

The OMARA factsheet 'Giving immigration assistance in Australia' explains who can legally provide immigration assistance in Australia. This is a resource for consumers and the wider community on who can give immigration assistance lawfully.

The factsheet in your language

Translations of the factsheet will be available on this page shortly.