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Using an agent outside Australia

If you are outside Australia and would like to use a migration agent to assist you with an Australian visa application, you should check the Register of Migration Agents to find out if there is a registered migration agent near you. There are Australian registered migration agents working all around the world in countries such as India, the United Kingdom, China, New Zealand, Hong Kong, the United States, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Sri Lanka and Singapore, just to name a few.

Australian registered migration agents who work overseas are subject to the same Code of Conduct, professional development and regulations as registered migration agents based in Australia. This means that if you use a registered migration agent based outside Australia, you have the same protection as you would have using a registered migration agent in Australia.

It's easy to search for a registered migration agent outside Australia using the register of migration agents.  You can search by country, state or suburb.  For example, if you are in the United Kingdom and are looking for a registered migration agent, enter ‘United Kingdom’ in the Business Location field.  This will bring up the entire list of Australian registered migration agents working in the United Kingdom.  If you wish to narrow your search and are looking for agents in London, enter ‘London’ into the Business Location field.  When the results appear, click on an agent’s Family name, which is highlighted in blue, and their contact details will be displayed.
Register of migration agents

If you are unable to find a registered migration agent outside Australia and you are willing to communicate with an agent by email and telephone, you can use an agent who is located in Australia even if you are living overseas.

A registered migration agent will provide you with valuable immigration assistance by working out the best visa option for you and preparing and lodging your visa application.

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