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    The ‘Search for an agent’ map and all associated map coordinates are provided by ‘Bing maps’ & ‘Google maps’ and are not a product of the Authority.  As such, the Authority cannot guarantee the accuracy of either the map nor map coordinates used to locate an agent business. In the event that the coordinates (longitude & latitude) are incorrect or missing for your business location, please inform the Authority. Further, as the map coordinates are based on a physical address, you can assist us by ensuring that all your related businesses have an address which is correctly recorded and formatted in our database. 

  2. Endorsement

    We have taken care in developing this website. The information on it is for the convenience of users. It does not endorse any registered migration agent or person or product or service an agent may provide.
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    If you believe any information on this website is incorrect, please contact us.
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  4. Register of migration agents

    Some websites provide their own register of registered migration agents, including contact details. This information may be out-of-date or inaccurate and you should not rely on it. We do not endorse these websites and registers. We only endorse the register that is on this website.
  5. Legal practising certificates

    Where this website shows that an agent holds a current Australian legal practising certificate, this information has been provided to us by the migration agent. To check if an agent you deal with holds a current Australian legal practising certificate, contact the Law Society in your agent’s state or territory.
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