Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority

Practice guides

The OMARA provides the following practice guides to assist registered migration agents in meeting their obligations under the Code of Conduct for registered migration agents.

Code of Conduct


Practice guides

Advertising (PDF 47KB)

Certifying documents (PDF 38KB)

Client confidentiality (PDF 34KB)

Clients' accounts (PDF 49KB)

Duties of registered migration agents to employees (PDF 38KB)

Exercising a lien over client documents (PDF 37KB)

Fees and charges (PDF 61KB)

How to deal with disappointed clients (PDF 38KB)

If a complaint is made against you (PDF 49KB)

Is your client agreement clear? (PDF 42KB)

Maintaining a professional library (PDF 37KB)

Obligations regarding private information (PDF 49KB)

Reducing the number of fraudulent documents (PDF 38KB)

Registered migration agents and companies (PDF 56KB)

Representing clients at the AAT (PDF 712KB)

Returning documents to clients (PDF 36KB)

Tips on storing client information (PDF 45KB)

Who is your client? (PDF 33KB)