Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority

Sanctioned agent detail

Decision Date: 28 Jul 2020

Agent Name: Vo, Dung

Registration Number(MARN): 1461767

Decision: Cancelled

Decision Summary

On 29 July 2020 the Authority decided to cancel the registration of Registered Migration Agent Mr Dung Quoc VO (MARN 1461767). The Authority received notice of publicly available information that the Agent’s conduct as a registered legal practitioner had been the subject of disciplinary action taken by The Council of the Law Society of New South Wales (the Council). The Council made findings that the Agent was unable to fulfil the requirements of an Australian legal practitioner to remain admitted to the legal profession. His legal Practicing Certificate was cancelled and the Agent was barred from applying for a new Certificate for a period of 5 years. Whilst the conduct of concern occurred in the course of his professional dealings as a legal practitioner, the professions of solicitor and migration agent are nevertheless both positions of significant trust, and in this respect the integrity expected of a solicitor is akin to that expected of a registered migration agent. The issues were put to the Agent in a statutory notice but no response from the Agent was received. As such, the Authority is satisfied that the Agent is not a person of integrity and is not fit and proper to be a registered migration agent. A redacted version of the Authority’s decision can be accessed below. Personal details have been removed in the interests of protecting the privacy of the persons involved.

Decision Number: CMP-52325-1

Decision File:



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