Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority

Non-commercial registration

In order to register, or renew registration, as a non-commercial registered migration agent, an applicant:

  • must act solely on a non-commercial or non-profit basis, AND
  • is a member of, or person associated with, an organisation that operates in Australia and solely on a non-commercial or non-profit basis AND
  • is not acting on a commercial, for-profit basis, AND
  • is not a member of, or a person associated with, an organisation that operates on a commercial, for-profit basis.

To be eligible for consideration by the OMARA for non-commercial registration, an applicant will need to provide a letter from the non-profit organisation/s that clearly states the:

  • organisation promotes itself in the community as providing free immigration assistance;
  • organisation operates solely as an Australian non-profit organisation;
  • applicant is a voluntary worker or employee of that organisation for the purposes of providing immigration assistance;
  • the immigration assistance work that is proposed to be undertaken by the applicant for clients of the non-profit organisation is to be provided to those clients without any direct or indirect fees or rewards being charged by the organisation for those services.

Applicants who are inactive or not currently providing, or intending to provide, non-commercial or pro bono immigration assistance for their registration period or part thereof are not eligible for the non-commercial application fee.