Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority

Professional indemnity insurance

If you are applying for registration as a migration agent — you must provide evidence that you have current professional indemnity insurance. This is a requirement under Section 292B of the Migration Act 1958.

You need to show the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority that you either:

1. have at least $250,000 of professional indemnity insurance held by:

  • you as an individual; or
  • an organisation of which you are a director, employee or member.

2. hold a current Australian legal practising certificate and you are:

  • a member or employee of a partnership; or
  • a director or employee or member of an incorporated legal practice; or
  • a sole legal practitioner or an employee of a sole legal practitioner. 

These requirements are prescribed in Regulation 6B of the Migration Agents Regulations 1998.



From 1 January 2012, as per Clause 2.3A of the Code of Conduct, you must hold professional indemnity insurance for the period you are registered.

You need to provide evidence of meeting the professional indemnity insurance requirement when you apply to register or re-register as an agent. 

Insurance providers

A small number of Australian companies provide professional indemnity insurance tailored to agents and their businesses. If you are having difficulty finding a provider, we suggest you contact your professional association.


Code of Conduct