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National Police Check

We cannot register anyone if we are not satisfied the person is fit and proper to give immigration assistance or a person of integrity. These obligations are outlined in Section 290(2)(c) of the Migration Act 1958.

The National Police Certificate issued by the AFP is different to a state or territory-based police certificate so you cannot get one from your local police station.

Initial registration applicants

Everyone applying for initial registration as a migration agent must undergo a National Police Check with the Australian Federal Police (AFP) to obtain a National Police Certificate to submit with their registration application. 

Repeat registration applicants

Repeat registration applicants must undergo a National Police Check with the AFP to obtain a National Police Certificate to submit with their re-registration application every five years.  For example, if your previous National Police Certificate is more than five years old you will need to provide another National Police Certificate when lodging your next repeat registration application.

How do I apply for a National Police Certificate?

From the Australian Federal Police website, complete the application form for a National Police Check (online or in hard copy). Include all the names, and all the combinations of names, you have ever been known by (include all names you have written on page 2 of your application for registration as an agent). When you apply for your National Police Certificate, under the section "Purpose of Check", please select code 40 - Other Commonwealth Purpose ONLY.
Australian Federal Police website

If you have been known by more than one name, you need to attach a separate sheet of paper to your application listing the different names you have been known by since you were born. If you are married, for example, you might have been known by your maiden name and your married name, so therefore you need to include both names on your application.

You should put the names you have been known by into a table similar to this one:

Family Name Given Name 1 Given Name 2


Make sure you review your official documents—such as your passport or certificates—to check that you have included all the names you have been known by.

Other tips/requirements:

  • When you receive your National Police Certificate, scan and attach it to your completed online application to register as a migration agent.
  • If you have previously had a National Police check performed and have the original certificate from the AFP, you can use it again if it is less than 12 months old. This means the certificate must be dated in the 12 months before we receive your application. A certificate that is older than 12 months is not valid.
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