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Managing client relationships

Complaints against registered migration agents often result from poor communication, which leads to misunderstanding. In such situations your client may have a poor understanding of processes or unrealistic expectations, so maintaining good communication is key. Indeed, it is good practice.

Remember, a well-informed client will not need to ask you as many questions that can take up your valuable time.

Here are tips to help you manage client relationships:

  • provide a written assessment of the prospects of success of your client’s visa application
  • ensure your client understands your fees, associated application fees and other costs
  • have your client sign an Agreement for Services and Fees (contract) outlining what you will provide, and for how much, to confirm their understanding and yours
  • be specific about the documents your client needs to provide and when 
  • provide a realistic estimate of how long it will take you to prepare your client’s visa application, and how long it will take to process their application once it is submitted
  • show your client information that can be verified, such as application processing times
  • provide your client with prompt and regular updates about the progress of their application and the outcome, when it is available
  • let your clients know if you plan to take leave and make contingency plans for deadlines that may arise while you are away.

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You should keep records of advice you provide to your clients, and answers to their oral requests. Do this in your file notes and confirm it in writing to your client. Proper records are valuable in resolving disputes or complaints. They can help protect you and ensure you comply with the Code of Conduct.

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