Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority

Maximising your CPD

As a registered migration agent, you will get the most out of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activity experience when you:

dentify the knowledge and skills needed for professional competence
A re present and fully engaged at CPD activities
D evelop an individual training plan based on learning needs identified
A pply what has been learnt to your professional practice
P articipate fully in discussions
T alk to your peers and maximise networking opportunities


Applying Your Learning

To help apply your learning to your professional practice as an agent, ask yourself these questions after each CPD activity.

  • What did I learn?
  • What will I stop doing?
  • What will I continue doing?
  • What will I start doing or start doing differently?
  • How will I know when these changes have occurred?
  • Have I identified further training needs?

Improve your practice as an agent by regularly thinking about and evaluating your CPD plan.

Make your learning worthwhile by consolidating what you learn, cementing new behaviours, reviewing what you do, and identifying areas for more training.