Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority

How to complain about a CPD provider

What can I do if I am unhappy with a CPD activity?

If you are unhappy with a CPD activity there are some steps we suggest you take to try to resolve the matter. Most CPD providers have a good explanation for their processes and in most cases an issue can be quickly fixed by the CPD provider. Therefore, if you have an issue, we suggest you try resolving it directly with the CPD provider in the first instance.

If the provider is unable to help, you can contact the OMARA to discuss the matter. If we can assist we will attempt to resolve the matter with the CPD provider directly. However, if it involves a breach of their agreement with us we may need you to lodge a written complaint so we can pursue the matter. This is important as there may be other migration agents affected.


What happens if I make a written complaint?

When a complaint against a CPD provider is received we must first determine if it relates to a matter that the OMARA regulates.  Following this, the details of the complaint may be sent to the CPD provider for comment or further investigation may take place if the matter is serious.  The CPD provider is given the opportunity to comment to the OMARA before any decision is made.  Any comments the CPD provider makes will be provided to the complainant.

Depending on the outcome of investigations, the result may be:

  • no further action is taken against the CPD provider
  • issue of a warning to the CPD provider
  • conditions imposed on the CPD provider
  • cancellation of approval of the CPD provider.

In the case where the complaint results in cancellation of approval of a CPD provider, this will not impact on a registered migration agent who completed or started the activity before the cancellation.

How do I make a complaint?

To make a written complaint about a CPD provider, agents should login to the secure area of the website and use the 'Contact us' form.  In your complaint, please ensure you include:

  • the name of the CPD provider
  • the name, time and date of the activity
  • details of how you have tried to resolve the problem with the CPD provider

Please note: all information provided in a complaint will be shared with the CPD provider.