Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority

CPD exceptional circumstances

In exceptional circumstances, where an agent has been unable to complete the required number of CPD points prior to applying for repeat registration, the OMARA may grant an additional three months to meet the requirements. Documentary evidence detailing the exceptional circumstances beyond the control of the applicant must be provided to support all claims.

All claims for consideration of exceptional circumstances will be assessed flexibly and on their merits, however issues such as the following are not considered exceptional for this purpose:

  • unavailability of a preferred CPD activity or series of activities
  • heavy workload
  • financial hardship
  • overseas travel
  • technical issues with computer/internet
  • limited access to face-to-face activities

Applicants for repeat registration who have not completed the required CPD and cannot provide evidence of exceptional circumstances beyond their control risk having their application refused.

Please note refunds are not available where an application is refused or an applicant chooses not to proceed with the application process.