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How do I plan for my CPD?

As an agent, you need to plan your professional development throughout each registration year. A tool is available on this website to help you tailor a development plan
Maximising your CPD

What CPD activities should I complete?

You should select the CPD activities that best meet your professional development needs and personal circumstances.

The search facility on this website helps you find upcoming CPD activities. The search fields allow you to filter your search by location, provider or delivery mode. You can also search by specific topic or by using keywords. All activities listed here are delivered by approved CPD providers.
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Types of CPD activities

Different types of CPD activities are available to you as a registered migration agent.  When choosing CPD activities, you need to select those with components that best meet your professional development needs.

CPD activities fall into two categories - A and B.  Agents must accumulate at least 5 CPD points each year from Category A activities in order to meet the CPD requirements to re-register as an agent.

The full CPD framework is contained in legislative instrument IMMI 17-047, CPD activities, approval of CPD providers and CPD provider standards.
Legislative Instrument - IMMI 17-047 (850KB PDF)

Category A activities

Practice Ready Programme
Programmes of Education

Agents must accumulate at least 5 CPD points each year from Category A activities in order to meet the CPD requirements to re-register as an agent.

Practice Ready Programme

The Practice Ready Programme (PRP) is mandatory for all holders of a Graduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practice in their first year of registration, however the PRP is open to all agents who wish to attend.

The PRP is worth ten (10) CPD points.  Successful completion of the PRP will satisfy the minimum CPD requirements for the first registration year.  Additional CPD activities may also be undertaken should agents have other specific learning needs.

The PRP is designed to be a highly interactive program that will develop in participants the practical skills and knowledge needed to successfully operate as a registered migration agent.

PRP activities encompass:

  • the Occupational Competency Standards for Migration Agents which provide explicit statements about what people need to be able to do to practice successfully as professionals, and
  • the Code of Conduct obligations for agents and accepted ethical standards expected within the migration advice industry.

New migration agents are strongly encouraged to become familiar with both of these documents.
Occupational Competency Standards for Migration Agents
Code of Conduct for RMAs

As the objective of the PRP is to develop practical skills and knowledge, successful completion of the activity includes competency based assessments to ensure learning outcomes have been achieved by participants.  Assessments may include but are not limited to essays, written reports, case studies, projects, short answer questions, presentations, interviews and mock trials.

To ensure completion of the PRP before registration expiry, agents are strongly encouraged to plan well ahead and to contact approved providers to discuss enrolment options as soon as they are registered. You will not be able to renew your registration without satisfying your CPD obligations. 

CPD points:


10 CPD points



This programme has 30 hours (approximately 5 days) of tuition.  There will also be study/assessment material to be completed in your own time. 

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Workshops are either face-to-face or online activities conducted in real-time by a facilitator and are designed for intensive learning of specific subject matter in an interactive way.

CPD workshops provide interactive content and enable you to participate in intensive and detailed discussion. 

CPD points: 1 point per hour
Minimum activity duration: 1 hour
Maximum number of participants: 30

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Programmes of Education

For CPD purposes, Programmes of Education are units in a course relating to Australian migration law at the Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) level 8 or above:

  • AQF level 8 - Bachelor Honours Degree; Graduate Certificate; Graduate Diploma
  • AQF level 9 - Masters Degree 

Programmes of Education for CPD purposes are only offered by universities that are approved CPD providers.

CPD points: 5 CPD points per successfully completed unit

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Category B activities

Conferences, seminars and lectures
Private study with assessment

Conferences, seminars and lectures

Conferences, seminars and lectures are conducted in real-time by a facilitator either face-to-face or online. 

CPD points: 1 point for 1.5 hours
Minimum activity duration: 1.5 hours 


Private study with assessment

This can include written material or structured e-learning (without a facilitator).  You must also complete and pass an assessment. 

CPD points: 1 point per activity
Minimum activity duration: 1.5 hours

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More information

If you need more information about your CPD obligations, contact us:
Email CPD
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