Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority


The staff of the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority report to the Regional Director of NSW and ACT, Department of Home Affairs.

The OMARA is led by a Director and has three teams to carry out its functions:

Registration, IT and Administrative Support

  • Assesses the suitability of applicants to be registered as a migration agent
  • Maintains the official register of migration agents
  • Assesses and administers applications for providers of continuing professional development (CPD)
  • Monitors the performance of CPD providers in accordance with a quality assurance framework
  • Manages the OMARA business system

Professional Standards and Integrity

  • Addresses consumer concerns relating to registered migration agents
  • Investigates complaints and, where appropriate, issues warnings and sanctions
  • Monitors the conduct of registered migration agents and the adequacy of the Code of Conduct for registered migration agents
  • Considers and analyses information and data to identify trends, risks and integrity issues in relation to the migration agent profession

Program Management and Review Implementation

  • Undertakes all program management functions
  • Coordinates reporting
  • Contributes to policy and legislation development
  • Manages the OMARA website
  • Develops and implements OMARA communications, including strategies and briefings
  • Facilitates implementation of the 2014 OMARA Review recommendations